Welcome to the Earth Energy Products website. We are dedicated to utilizing the planet's resources in the most resourceful way to produce healing energy products which can help to improve and enhance the quality of your life. There are new quantum technologies waiting to be introduced as well as ancient technologies that will maximize the body's ability to heal itself.

In the tradition of these methodologies we have been inventing a line of earth energy products for over 20 years. Our Tachyon/ Earth Energy pendant is one fine example, utilizing a Tachyon bead which captures FIR (Far Infrared) energy from the atmosphere as well as an earth energy rod, to capture what the ancients call Earth Energy. Please take a look at our information page as well as the products section and discover for yourself some of the benefits of using Earth Energy!


The Earth Energy family of Life-Force enhancing products

Tachyon/Earth Energy
Feng Shui Necklaces for health, wealth, and good fortune
Primal Energy Ring
Anti-Microbial Oxy-Spray
FIR Wristband
FIR Vest



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